Episode 24 – Treading the Mill

Show Highlights:

  • Treading the Mill is a group magical process that builds energy, creates vortexes or portals to travel through the worlds.
  • Mills are traditionally tread in a counter-clockwise (widdershins) direction in concert with the energy of the earth, or the Underworld.
  • You can Tread the Mill clockwise (deosil) jeh-sul in order to work with solar/Upperworld energy as well.
  • Mills that are tread in places of power are more intense energetic experiences, but they can be centered anywhere.
  • Treading the Mill using a tool as the central axis of movement brings focus to the working and evokes the power of that tool in the magic.
  • You can Tread the Mill to travel to the Underworld or Upperworld if shamanic journey work or meditation are not as productive for you.

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