Queer Capacity to Love

Men Who Love Men

Written by: Sawyer Massie & Adam Black

The Unnamed Path is a spiritual tradition for Men Who Love Men. We strive to uncover, live and share a distinct energetic current that embraces our unique experiences as men and male-bodied persons within the Male Mysteries. But what does “Men Who Loves Men” mean? Who does this refer to? Men Who Love Men is a multifaceted term that encapsulates our collective identities within the LGBTQIAP+ community, recognizing and celebrating the diversity in our experiences. It reflects our sexual, intimate, and/or romantic expressions of love and connection.

There is no singular way to be a man who loves men. We transcend spatial and cultural boundaries, existing in every culture and coming from all walks of life. Many terms and identities, claimed and imposed, have been used to describe the nature of our love. We are – and have always been – more than one experience. What connects us is not restricted to blood or identity, but rather a shared context in which we engage and experience the world through our love. This often includes discrimination, violence and hatred, but also our journeys of self-discovery and coming into our own power.

When we speak of love between self-identifying men this usually evokes images of intimacy and sex. It can be something carnal and/or deeply emotional. When men love it is a powerful current that connects two beings. In the Unnamed Path that current is taken to a deeper and higher level simultaneously.

We embrace this connection not only on a physical and emotional level, we elevate it to a spiritual one. Though this love can take many forms, including spiritual, it does not have to be. Though there is an inherent spiritual element to Men Who Love Men, this love does not intend for you to live a solitary spiritual life of exclusion. The energy current of Men Who Love Men taps the Male Mysteries in a way akin to the Fertility Mysteries and presents as an aspect of the reclaimed Gay Male Mysteries. Men Who Love Men includes all self-identifying men including those in the non-binary and trans community.

We acknowledge that men have loved men throughout history, even going back to pre-recorded history. These men lived and loved, and in so doing created a current of love that travels to us today. In the Unnamed Path we tap this current of love to revel in it. Men Loving Men is empowering and sacred. It creates an energy that is undeniable and palpable. This current runs through all self-identifying Men Who Love Men, whether physical or emotional. Tapping into that current can give us power, community, connection and immense wisdom of all that came before us.

In the Unnamed Path this love is not limited to the men around us, or even the men all over the world. This love transcends time and place. We love all Men Who Love Men, those who came before us, those we share our existence with, and all those who will be in the future. This energy, our love as Men Who Love Men, can be tapped and worked with to bring healing, magic, prophecy and wisdom. The term Men Who Love Men honors the inherent sacredness in our existence as gay / queer men. You are seen. You are accepted for who you are. You are loved.