The original 71 podcasts of The Unnamed Path were recorded by our late founder, Eddy ‘Hyperion’ Gutiérrez. As he received the teachings, he was also encouraged by the Ancestors to share them hence these podcasts. They occur in sequential order so that each episode builds on the previous ones. We highly recommend to start at the beginning and listen to them in order. Podcasts 1-10 go through the fundamentals of the path.

Note that the podcasts reflect the state of the Unnamed Path at the time Hyperion shared them. Given its nature as an emerging tradition some of the path as it is taught today has evolved from what has been shared in the original podcasts.

The Initiates of Unnamed Path continued Hyperion’s tradition by creating an additional podcast titled “Walking the Unnamed Path”. These podcasts are more casual and contain interviews and discussion about personal experiences while journeying on the path.

The Unnamed Path Podcast

This is The Unnamed Path podcast. Here we explore and get to the heart of gay and queer male mysteries.