What is Unnamed Path?

Unnamed Path is a dynamic and evolving spiritual tradition designed for gay, queer, and male-identifying individuals who seek a deep connection with the ancestral lineage of the Tribe of Men Who Love Men. As an inclusive initiatory tradition, our apprenticeship training encompasses four core areas: Shamanic journey work and courtship, Energy healing practices, Deathwalking and spirit contact work, and Magic and Prophecy. This holistic approach is not just about acquiring skills; it’s also a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Apprentices engage in transformative practices like shadow work, inner alchemy, and fostering relationships with our deities, the Ancestors of Men Who Love Men and their own personal spirit guides, helping them to harness their personal power.

Initiates of Unnamed Path are dedicated to developing a personal spiritual practice that resonates with their unique journey. They are also committed to serving their communities as proud and active members of the Tribe of Men Who Love Men. Our community is growing, with initiates already making an impact in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. We welcome all who identify as male and are called to explore their spirituality within this rich, supportive, and affirming tradition.

Four Parts of the Unnamed Path


Journey through the under, middle, and upper worlds and build relationships with our deities, the Ancestors of Men Who Love Men, and spirit allies.

Energy Healing

Channel healing energy using Unnamed Path’s system to restore harmony and vitality back to body, mind, emotions and soul.

Death Walking

Contact and work with spirits of the dead using mediumship and necromancy. Midwife the dying through death doula and psychopomp work.


Magic & Prophecy

Meet your magical goals through traditional witchcraft, spell work, and folk magic. Access information through  seership, divination, spirit contact and possession work.


Journey of Connection

Unnamed Path is a spiritual haven for those who resonate with the experiences of Men Who Love Men. It’s a space where affection and romantic connections between men are celebrated and empowered. This path is deeply rooted in the unique energies and loves that characterize gay, queer and self identifying men, offering a distinct spiritual experience.

At the core of Unnamed Path is a dynamic spiritual tradition that nurtures individual exploration. Practitioners are encouraged to forge personal connections with gay and queer ancestors, spirits, and Unnamed Path deities. This dialogue is key to rediscovering and reclaiming practices and lore that resonate with their individual spiritual journey, empowering them to reconnect with their inner truth and power. This reconnection is more than personal; it serves a spiritual purpose of aiding and uplifting the LGBTQ+ community.

Service Through Spiritual Empowerment: Deepening Our Community Impact

Embarking on the journey of the Unnamed Path is a transformative experience, one that transcends the boundaries of personal growth and extends into the realm of communal healing and support. This path enables individuals to delve deeply into their own spiritual core, uncovering and embracing the strength and truth that reside within. This process of self-discovery and empowerment is not a solitary endeavor; it becomes a powerful tool for community service and upliftment.

As practitioners of the Unnamed Path, we learn to harness our newfound power and understanding in service to others. This isn’t just about offering assistance; it’s about fostering a holistic environment where every member feels supported, valued, and connected. Our individual journeys of empowerment enable us to become pillars of strength in our community, offering support that is both empathetic and informed by our own experiences of growth and self-realization.

Healing and Awareness

Our community is a sanctuary where healing is both a personal and collective experience. By understanding our own spiritual journeys, we become adept at recognizing and addressing the needs of others. This heightened awareness allows us to offer more than just surface-level assistance; we provide deep, meaningful support that acknowledges the full complexity of each individual’s experiences and challenges.

Purpose and Empowerment

As we walk the Unnamed Path, we not only discover our own purpose but also inspire others to find theirs. This shared journey of discovery fosters a sense of collective empowerment, where each member feels encouraged to explore and embrace their unique spiritual path. In doing so, we build a community where everyone is empowered to contribute their best, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment.

Protection and Connection

In our community, protection goes beyond physical safety; it encompasses the safeguarding of each person’s spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. By creating a space where individuals feel secure and supported, we encourage open and honest communication, leading to stronger connections and a more cohesive community. These connections are the lifelines that bind us, ensuring that no one has to walk their path alone.

In essence, the Unnamed Path is more than a personal spiritual journey; it’s a commitment to using our individual empowerment for the greater good. As we grow and evolve, we become agents of change, healing, and connection, fostering a community that is resilient, aware, and deeply interconnected.

The Role of The Ancestors in Unnamed Path

The Unnamed Path draws its awakening from the Ancestors of Men Who Love Men. These guiding forces inspire us to reclaim our role as spiritual leaders in society, equipping us with spiritual techniques and methodologies to achieve this vision. It’s crucial for practitioners to establish or strengthen their communion with The Ancestors, which is a fundamental aspect of our practice.

The Unnamed Path offers diverse methods for this communion, empowering each individual to tailor their spiritual practice. This personal approach ensures that each journey is as unique as the individual undertaking it.

The Community of Unnamed Path

Unnamed Path is a global network of spiritual connection and magical practice. At the heart of Unnamed Path lies a vibrant and dynamic community, a global tribe of initiates that transcends geographical boundaries. Our community is not just about shared beliefs; it’s a living, breathing tribe of individuals committed to spiritual growth, mutual support, and the celebration of our magical journey.

We take pride in bringing our community together through a variety of engaging and enriching events. Every two years, we host the much-anticipated “Stone and Stang” gatherings, a blend of ritual, workshops, and fellowship, set in serene and spiritually charged environments. These events provide an invaluable opportunity for face-to-face interaction, deepening our bonds, and energizing our collective spirit.

In addition to these, we host “Virtual Stone and Stang” events. Held annually, these online gatherings ensure that distance is no barrier to our community spirit. Through Zoom & Discord, we create a virtual sacred space that allows our global family to connect, share experiences, and grow together spiritually.

Our community thrives on connection. To maintain and strengthen these bonds, we organize monthly online social gatherings. Utilizing platforms like Discord and Zoom, these sessions are a hub of lively discussions, shared wisdom, and support, allowing us to stay connected no matter where we are in the world.

Our robust presence on internal social media platforms, including Facebook and Discord, is another pillar of our tribe’s strength. These platforms serve as a digital crossroads where initiates can stay informed, share insights, and offer support. It’s a space where every voice is heard, and every initiate is welcome.

Our community comprises both the Ancestors and the Initiates of Unnamed Path. Every Initiate undergoes an apprenticeship, with some choosing to delve deeper into the tradition through teacher training. This year-long dedication culminates in their evolution into teachers, capable of guiding and initiating others. Our teachers hold classes accessible to all Men Who Love Men throughout the year, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Central to Unnamed Path is the ethos of brotherhood and siblinghood. We are more than a community; we are a tribe, united not just by our path but by our shared experiences and mutual support. We rejoice together in our triumphs and offer a shoulder in times of challenge.

For those within reach of each other, our connection takes on a more personal connection. Local members frequently gather to socialize, engage in sacred rituals, and strengthen our core connections. These meetings are not just social events; they are a fundamental expression of our commitment to each other and our path.

What truly brings us together are the deeper threads of our shared ancestry, Unnamed Path, and the magic that flows through it. Each initiate brings their unique energy, yet we are united in our purpose and our journey. Together, we explore the mysteries of our tradition, honor our ancestors, and forge a future rich in spiritual fulfillment.

Should you decide to join Unnamed Path, you will find not just a community but a tribe, a sacred space where you are supported, connected, and valued. Here, in this tribe, you will discover your spiritual home.


About the Founder Hyperion

Eddy ‘Hyperion’ Gutiérrez founded The Unnamed Path in 2007.

He was received guidance by The Ancestors of Men Who Love Men who began to teach him a way to integrate all of the separate parts of his vast spiritual knowledge into one path, while discarding parts that didn’t have anything to do with the energy current that gay/queer men naturally tap into.

He began capturing all of this in a series of lessons, and finally one day, his spirit guides instructed him to begin teaching classes.

Eventually, he put these classes in the form of podcasts to build awareness of the tradition, and in 2009 Hyperion initiated his first three students in California.

Hyperion has presented at pagan and academic events around the world, including Pantheacon, the Pagan Studies Conference, Los Angeles/Orange County Pagan Pride Day, Into the Green, May Magic, Between the Worlds, and was the founder of Stone and Stang.

Sadly to all those who knew him, Hyperion passed away in January of 2014.

His spiritual legacy of this tradition is now held by Unnamed Path Tribe along with the assistance of his mother Victoria Gutiérrez and his partner Clayton James, who run Dr. E Products, a folk magic supply destination started by Hyperion.

Our Values


In earlier times, spiritual communities often provided spiritual care without first seeking the individual’s permission. However, evolving societal norms and the recognition of inherent inequalities in vulnerability and dependency within the spiritual care relationship now challenge this practice. This imbalance often translates into a disparity in power dynamics.

Acknowledging this, it becomes crucial to prioritize informed consent as a means of addressing and rebalancing these vulnerabilities and power inequities. Our exploration delves into various forms of consent, including proxy consent, to refine our approach.

We advocate for a relational and integrated model of consent. This model emphasizes a dialogic approach, engaging all parties in a collective decision-making process that harmoniously blends different consent types.

A key aspect of this model is the concept of ‘inferred’ consent. In the context of spiritual care, this involves actively deducing consent or non-consent from an individual’s words and behaviors throughout the engagement.

At the heart of our approach is the principle that legitimate consent is explicitly expressed – it is the clear articulation of a direct “yes” or “no.” This principle is fundamental in respecting individual autonomy and ensuring ethically sound spiritual care practices.


To safeguard confidentiality, our teachers and initiates are well-informed about sensitive data and have established comprehensive policies to protect various types of sensitive information.

They have meticulously outlined procedures concerning the environments, devices, and individuals engaged in managing personal data, ensuring that records of sensitive information remain strictly private.

Within the realm of apprenticeship training, every detail shared – encompassing names, identities, and personal experiences – is treated with the utmost confidentiality. This commitment to privacy is fundamental to our approach, ensuring a secure and respectful learning environment for all.




Respect involves embracing and accepting others for who they are, acknowledging and valuing their uniqueness, even when their perspectives or experiences differ from our own or challenge our viewpoints.

In our relationships, respect acts as a cornerstone, fostering a sense of trust, safety, and overall well-being. It creates an environment where individuals feel valued and understood.

Importantly, respect is not always an innate trait; rather, it’s a skill that we develop over time. It’s cultivated through understanding, empathy, and open-mindedness, enhancing our interactions and connections with others.


This path is more than just a collection of teachings or practices; it’s a vibrant, interconnected community of Initiates. These individuals come together, not just in pursuit of personal spiritual growth, but also to offer support and understanding to each other. This community aspect is crucial, as it provides a space where members can share experiences, learn from one another, and find comfort and guidance.

In Unnamed Path, community and support are foundational elements. When an individual embarks on this journey, they’re not alone; they join a network of others who are walking a similar path. This shared journey fosters a deep sense of belonging and connection. Members meet each other at different stages of their path, in moments of success and in times of challenges. The community’s role is to provide a supportive, non-judgmental space where each member can express themselves authentically, seek advice, and offer their insights to others.

This supportive environment is particularly beneficial during challenging times. Life can present various obstacles, and the journey on The Unnamed Path is no exception. During these periods, the community becomes a crucial source of strength and resilience. Members can lean on each other for emotional support, practical advice, or simply a listening ear. This collective strength allows individuals to face difficulties with a sense of solidarity and shared purpose.

Moreover, the community’s diversity is one of its greatest strengths. Members come from different backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experiences and perspectives. This diversity enriches the community, as it allows for a broader understanding and appreciation of the different paths within The Unnamed Path. It encourages members to view challenges and successes through different lenses, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic environment.


Within the Unnamed Path, there is a focus on empowering individuals to not only heal themselves but also to extend this healing to others, trough the elements of actions, words, and rituals. The Unnamed Path embodies a philosophy where each individual is both a recipient and a conduit of healing, emphasizing the importance of self-empowerment as a precursor to aiding others.

In this path, the process of empowering oneself is integral. This empowerment is achieved through engaging with various rituals, actions, and words that hold deep significance and power. These elements of Unnamed Path are not mere practices but are imbued with transformative energies. When individuals participate in these rituals, they are not just performing a series of actions; they are undergoing a profound process of transformation. This transformation is multifaceted, affecting them physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. It’s through this transformative experience that individuals begin to tap into their inner strength and resources, gaining a sense of empowerment.

This sense of empowerment is crucial. It’s the foundation upon which individuals begin to heal themselves. The Unnamed Path teaches that true healing begins from within. By engaging in rituals that objectify power, individuals are able to externalize and then internalize this power, making it a part of their being. This process helps in overcoming personal challenges, fostering resilience, and developing a deeper understanding of oneself. The transformative nature of these practices also plays a key role in personal healing, as individuals evolve and adapt through the rituals, facilitating a journey from a state of imbalance to one of harmony and health.

But the journey doesn’t stop with self-healing. The Unnamed Path emphasizes the ripple effect of this empowerment and healing. Individuals who have embarked on this path of self-discovery and healing are then encouraged to extend this healing to others. The knowledge, strength, and empowerment gained through their own experiences become tools they can use to assist others in their healing journeys. This is a vital aspect of Unnamed Path – the idea that healing is not contained to the self but is meant to be shared.

As initiates of Unnamed Path community grow in their own healing, they become beacons of healing for others. They carry with them not just the knowledge of the rituals and practices, but also the empathy, understanding, and compassion gained through their own experiences. This positions them uniquely to guide others on their healing journeys, offering support, wisdom, and a nurturing presence.


The Unnamed Path underscores the vital role of service, grounding its teachings in acts that demonstrate love and care, particularly towards the LGBTQ+ community. This spiritual path advocates for a multifaceted approach to service, recognizing that each individual possesses unique talents and ways to contribute. Members are encouraged to express their spirituality and personal power through various forms of engagement, ranging from hands-on community work to organizational and administrative roles.

In the realm of direct service, Unnamed Path places significant emphasis on offering support tailored to the LGBTQ+ community. This includes providing spiritual and magical support, healing, and protection, activities that go beyond the physical realm and tap into the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of the tradition. Such practices are not only about aiding in immediate situations but also about fostering long-term spiritual resilience and empowerment within the community.

A distinctive aspect of service within Unnamed Path is the inclusion of death doula work. This role involves assisting individuals during their final transition, a profound and compassionate service that requires emotional strength, spiritual insight, and a deep understanding of the sacredness of life and death. This form of service highlights the Path’s commitment to supporting individuals at all stages of their journey, acknowledging the importance of dignity and care at the end of life.

Additionally, the Path emphasizes education and empowerment through teaching, allowing members to share knowledge and experiences. This focus on mentorship and wisdom dissemination underlines the belief in the transformative power of learning and guidance. Organizational involvement, such as participating on a 501(c)(3) board or various committees, further allows members to contribute to the structural and strategic aspects of the community. This multi-layered approach to service illustrates Unnamed Path’s holistic commitment to caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of its members, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community, fostering an environment of inclusivity, healing, and growth.


The Unnamed Path philosophy emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating growth and transformation as a pivotal aspect of personal development. This approach is rooted in the understanding that acknowledging our progress not only highlights our hard work but also boosts our confidence in our ability to achieve further advancements. In a world where we often focus on the destination rather than the journey, the Unnamed Path encourages us to pause and reflect on our journey thus far. By doing so, we can gain a deeper appreciation of the efforts we’ve put in and the strides we’ve made. This recognition plays a crucial role in shaping our self-perception and enhancing our belief in our capabilities.

Celebrating progress, according to Unnamed Path, is not an indication that the journey has ended; rather, it’s a vital part of the ongoing process of growth. It’s about taking a moment to acknowledge the milestones we’ve reached and understanding that each step forward is an integral part of our personal evolution. This philosophy teaches that growth is a continuous process that improves our lives in various ways. By celebrating our progress, we’re not just patting ourselves on the back for a job well done; we’re also reinforcing the positive changes that this growth has brought into our lives, thereby motivating ourselves to continue on this path of personal development.

The concept of goal setting and achievement is a familiar one in the context of personal growth. The Unnamed Path, however, offers a unique perspective on this process. It acknowledges that while setting and reaching goals is important, it’s equally important to celebrate each achievement along the way. This philosophy understands that goals are often stepping stones in a larger journey of self-improvement and that they continuously evolve as we grow. If we wait to celebrate until we’ve reached the final destination, we might miss out on acknowledging the significant progress we’ve made. This continuous evolution of goals is a central tenet of the Unnamed Path, highlighting the fluidity and ongoing nature of personal growth.

The Unnamed Path also emphasizes the communal aspect of celebrating growth. By sharing our successes and acknowledging our progress, we not only uplift ourselves but also inspire those around us. This act of sharing creates a supportive environment where each individual’s growth is recognized and valued. Furthermore, it encourages a culture of gratitude and appreciation. Recognizing and being grateful for our progress and the factors that have contributed to it, including the support of others, strengthens our sense of community and interconnectedness. This collective celebration of growth fosters a positive environment where everyone feels encouraged to pursue their personal goals and acknowledge their achievements along the way.