In the last few weeks articles have started to circulate, that have again, brought the issue of – Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminism (TERF) – to the forefront of dialogues regarding inclusion within the pagan, and magical communities. It is the stance of the brothers of the Unnamed Path that this ideology actively promotes the same systems of oppression upon other marginalized persons that TERFs would claim to be opposing. Such individuals and systems are not congruent with our beliefs nor welcome in our tradition.

The Unnamed Path, has been and will continue to be, a tradition that welcomes and affirms Transgender, non-binary and other gender expansive persons. Even as a tradition of “men who love men” we recognize and celebrate the diversity and full spectrum of gender identity and expression from which individuals come to us for teaching and fellowship. Self-determination and self-identification fuel the intention behind our spiritual workings and those workings are made stronger by individuals who have done the deeper work to live their truth in the face of oppressive messages from the dominant culture.

We believe it is important for groups of women, men, and those who find themselves between or ‘othered’, to form strong bonds of magic and fellowship within their Tribes. We challenge other pagan and magical communities to rise up in response by first deconstructing their own outmoded and oppressive structures (including the public messages they issue) and take resolute action towards radical inclusivity in this time of great separation and disparity.