Episode 32 – Contacting the Spirits

Show Highlights:

  • Contacting spirits is done through a ritual facilitated by Deathwalkers in order to retrieve lost lore and information, receive guidance, assist spirits in their spiritual process after dying and to help other people with their spiritual path.
  • Our capacity to love as Men-Who-Love-Men is the key to communicating with spirits – love is the very fabric of the universe and we can reach through it with our natural talent, to speak with spirits and bring them into our space.
  • Spirit contact work seems to work best after dark, and during the Fall or Winter when many things on the earth are dying away.
  • The skull is used as a magical tool to create a portal through which we summon forth the dead.
  • Your Spirit Guardians and patron and matron deities should be invoked prior to starting so that they can protect you and manage the spiritual traffic that will approach you during this ritual – nothing can get past them.
  • Make sure to magically cleanse at the beginning and end of the ceremony with blessed water and/or blessing potions – this can also be done throughout whenever you feel negative vibrations on you or need to smooth our your energy.
  • Spirit possession can occur during spirit contact circles at varying degrees – be prepared by assigning a spotter to each medium that is possessed, and ask the spirit questions about it to get to know it, as well as to gain any advice or clarity you might need.
  • Hyperion answers questions from listeners.

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