Episode 50 – The Medicine Pouch and Spirit Tribes

Show Highlights:

  • The Medicine Pouch is a spiritual talisman that represents the collection of your spiritual alliances.
  • It is filled with durable objects that represent totem animals, energies and spirits that are given to you through your shamanic work, each of which has significance in your spiritual path.
  • Learn how to add and remove items from the pouch.
  • No one should handle your medicine pouch, and it should be kept hidden and private.
  • Spirit Tribes are smaller divisions of the greater tribe of Men-Who-Love-Men, each has a totem animal spirit that guides it.
  • Your Spirit Tribe Totem Animal will help you in your spiritual role that you play in the greater fate of humanity.
  • Learn how to find your Spiritual Tribe Totem Animal.

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