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What is Deathwalking?

Deathwalking is one of the four parts of Unnamed Path. Deathwalking can best be described as a collection of spiritual practice techniques used in working with spirits of the dead and with those who are dying.

From the Unnamed Path’s perspective, Deathwalking is a tribe-given spiritual ability using our innate spiritual quality to cross and communicate between the worlds. It gives us a unique role in society – that of the path of the Deathwalker. We can help the dying by making their transition one of love, joy, and peace. We can commune, work with and assist spirits of the dead for purposes of healing and divination. We can forge alliances with the spirits of the dead to assist us in strengthening our practice and abilities to help others.

Deathwaking Dead

There is a huge cultural fear around death. We are sheltered from it, don’t want to be anywhere near it, and even fear being near places where people have died in the past. This fear of death comes from the perspective that it is a finality to life. It is not. It is a transition from physicality to spirituality, just as birth is a transition from spirituality to physicality. The Unnamed Path Deathwalker understands this in helping those who are dying in doing so with honor and anticipation in their hearts instead of fear, and also helps them sort through any remaining issues or attachments they might have anchoring them here in the physical world preventing them from finally passing over.

The Deathwalker acts as a medium for spirit communication. They can reach through the veil between the worlds and communicate with the departed, assist them in the transition from that side, as well as forge alliances with spirits to work Magic and Prophecy as well as Energy Healing. The Deathwalker learns through this process, not to fear death, but to embrace it as a natural part of life.

Spirit Contact

Spirit Contact is an aspect of Deathwalking that trains the initiate in techniques that allow them to communicate and work with spirits in a very direct way.

Mediumship & Spiritualism

Mediumship is the practice of mediating communication between familiar spirits or spirits of the dead and living human beings. Practitioners are known as mediums or spirit mediums. There are different types of mediumship through spirit channeling and trance.

Spiritualism in the Unnamed Path is also an aspect of being a Deathwalker. The techniques work in conjunction with other aspects to foster spirits to communicate with the living through the Unnamed Path initiate.

Spirit Contact


Channeling is best explained as a person’s body being a mouth piece for a spirit for the purpose of communication. This practice has been around for millennia. There are countless stories of practitioners who commune and receive supernatural knowledge from the spirit world. Channeling in Unnamed Path incorporates the other skills learned in Deathwalking. This allows the trained initiate of the Unnamed path to work in the spirit world and provide assistance to those in the Mundane World.


Necromancy of Unnamed Path is a subpath of Deathwalking. In this practice one learns the techniques for communing with the dead for the purpose of divination; imparting the means to foretell future events and discovering hidden knowledge.


Psychopomps (from the Greek word psychopompós, literally meaning the ‘guide of souls’) of the Unnamed Path are ones who have chosen the spiritual work to assist deceased souls from this world to the spirit world. In the path of Deathwalking this subpath trains one to understand the techniques to facilitate this transition. 

Death Doula (link to blog post)

The Death Doula role is being a mid-wife to the dying. It is part of Death Walking as well but includes some more practical elements such as creating end of life plans, legacy plans and assisting families and loved ones prepare for the transition to death.