This part of the Unnamed Path involves the practice of shifting consciousness out of the everyday waking state into a trance or dreamlike state in order to move about in and communicate with the spirit worlds. This is one of the oldest spiritual practices around the globe, and interestingly, men in every culture who practiced it did so in an almost identical way (even cultures that had absolutely no contact with one another). Through drumming, dancing, inducing a trance-like states or including the use of entheogens, we shift our consciousness and experience the “journey” –  through the spiritual worlds where we can receive guidance from our spirit guides, commune with the Deities of Unnamed Path, seek out spirit medicines for those who are ailing, form alliances with spirit animals or plant guides and deepen our spiritual connection and awareness of the three worlds. Even in modern times, while dancing to the thudding base of a song in a club, the spiritual heritage we have as Men-Who-Love-Men reveals itself.