One of our first tribe-given spiritual practices The Ancestors of Men-Who-Love-Men revealed was the path of Energy Healing. We have an ancestral heritage as healers and holders of medicine for our people. When illness would not clear itself from a person’s body we were sought out because of our extensive knowledge of herbs and our alliances and relationships with the spirit world. We knew how to channel and move energy to help facilitate healing within people.

The Ancestors of Men-Who-Love-Men have communicated techniques for energy healing. One important aspect in Unnamed Path is that energy is channeled through the healer (not from them) using their unique capacity to Love as a man who loves men. We are taught a unique system of energy healing which includes a series of sigils that can be used to direct the energy to the recipient and act as channels or beacons that continue to move the energy into the individual long after the session is complete. 

The energy helps the individual heal himself and brings balance and harmony back to the recipient’s entire body, mind, emotions and soul.