Episode 23 – Spirit Guides and Totem Animals

Show Highlights:

  • Spirit Guides choose us, and their success is intimately tied to our own.
  • Spirit Guides are ascended master – formerly Mighty Dead – who have elected to take a position to assist humans in achieving our fate.
  • Spirit Guides are best contacted through shamanic journeys or meditation – practices that quiet the mind.
  • Spirit Guides choose you because they faced similar issues in their human existences.
  • Totem Animals are spiritual forces that help you integrate qualities into your life to deal with issues.
  • Dancing your Totem Animal is a great way to cement a relationship with them and show them gratitude for their help.
  • Some Totem Animals are life-long companions, others are transitional for specific periods of your life.
  • In addition to Totem Animals there are Plant Totems, and even Rock and Mineral Totems – all seeking to assist you in raising your vibrations and perceptions so that you can eventually work with Spirit Guides.

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