Episode 14 – Understanding Spirit Contact

Show Highlights:

  • Spirit Contact is the act of communicating with spirits of the departed.
  • Reasons for contacting spirits include: retrieving lost lore, deepening your psychic skills, gaining perspective and understanding for your own issues, forging alliances with spirits for magical work, communicating messages from the departed to their loved ones after, gaining better abilities to eradicate mischievous spirits and more.
  • The Unnamed Path uses special techniques to safeguard against mischievous or misleading spirits including working with tutelary deities, engaging spirit guardians, and using the unique capacity to love that we as Men-Who-Love-Men have as a filter to be absolutely sure that the information we are receiving is valid and rooted in love.
  • The Skull and Candle are a tool we use in the contacting of spirits. It acts as a portal through which we can summon the dead as well as through which we can assist the dead to cross over to the Underworld. It is a symbol of the Dark God and the enlightenment that’s found in spiritual balance between the Right and Left-hand paths in spirituality.
  • More details on spirit contact will be discussed in future podcasts.

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