Episode 31 – Sexual Energy Healing

Show Highlights:

  • The outcome of sex between Men-Who-Love-Men is an explosion of healing energy, where as the outcome of sex between a man and a woman is life/procreation.
  • The healing energy that comes out of sex results from a collision of the spiritual and physical worlds in the moment of orgasm between men.
  • This energy can be directed toward healing emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical imbalances.
  • Some men are naturally called toward healing others in a sexual contact: They are Sexual Energy Healers.
  • Sexual Energy Healers used to play a critical role in ancient societies as priests for the gods. In modern times where sex has been maligned, they have been ostracized, labeled as whores, sluts or worthy of death or disease in order to steal their natural power away from them.
  • Sexual Energy Healers are sacred and play an important role in our society’s balance and should be honored as such.
  • Learn how to use sexual energy healing in your own intimate encounters.

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