Episode 22 – Magical Tools

Show Highlights:

  • Magical tools assist you in directing energy, have symbolic meaning in ritual and are used to establish relationships with other forces.
  • Ultimately, magical tools can be of any type as long as it feels powerful for you, and spiritually calls to you.
  • The Staff (or wand) is used to push or direct energy and as a tool of authority.
  • The Cauldron is a symbol for the Dark Goddess’ Cauldron and is used in rituals based on the life/death/rebirth mysteries.
  • The Skull is used as a portal to communicate with the Ancestors and is a symbol of the Dark God.
  • The Hearthstone is used in magical groups (only) as a symbol of the heart of their magical tribe.
  • The Working Space is not an altar, per se, but is a desk or surface upon which you can craft magic and store your tools.
  • Consecration essentially involves: cleaning something, dressing something, energetically charging it, and marking it as your own.

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