Episode 15 – Building Magical Relationships

Show Highlights:

  • Magical Relationships are one of the three important things to have in order to be a powerful magical person: energy, relationships, motivation.
  • Relationships, once cultivated, allow you to call upon the spirit allies you have to immediately effect magical change in the world with little to no ritual.
  • Magical Relationships are built like conventional relationships: formality and regular communication at the beginning evolve into a more casual communication style over time.
  • Formal methods of communication include: meditation, shamanic journeywork, tapping the bone, etc.
  • Informal methods of communication are as simple as daydreaming, zoning out and listening for information or just having a common dialogue with the god or spirit you are seeking to contact these can be done once a magical relationship is built over time.
  • Learn the art of Meditation, step by step.

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