Episode 19 – Fragmented Masculinity

Show Highlights:

  • As gay men we often develop a fragmented sense of what it means to be a man due to societal rejection, parental upbringing or behavior ideals that we are raised with.
  • A fragmented sense of masculinity can either be expressed through an adoption of feminine traits, behaviors and ideals as a surrogate to the masculine ideals we can’t meet, or a hypermasculinity expressed through obsession about physique, highly competitive tendencies, vanity, aggression, etc.
  • An in-depth inventory of the values you were raised with and a consequential acceptance or rejection of those values can help you begin the healing of a fragmented sense of masculinity.
  • Learn a few more techniques for healing fragmented masculinity.
  • Ultimately healing lies in an acceptance of your own divinity, your personal masculine beauty, a love for your body, modes of expression, interests, values and traits, and a healing of your self-image issues.

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