Episode 27 – Cultivating Leadership

Show Highlights:

  • There is a marked absence of effective spiritual leadership in our community.
  • Men-Who-Love-Men need to learn leadership skills in order to move into our place in society as spiritual leaders and assist our brothers in coming together and bettering our communities.
  • The qualities of leadership are: Love, Integrity, Compassion, Transparency, Humility, and Patience.
  • Learn ways of cultivating leadership within yourself by asking what Love would do, or asking yourself how you’re helping any given situation.
  • As Spiritual Leaders we are servants to our people – we are accountable to them – we have no authority over their free will, nor do we lord over them.
  • Respect is commanded, not demanded – Spiritual leadership is something you cultivate within yourself, and in response, others will request that you move into that position.

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