About the Founder


Hyperion was the founder of The Unnamed Path and host of The Unnamed Path Podcast

Hyperion was the founder for The Unnamed Path and host of the popular podcast The Unnamed Path. Sadly to all those who knew him, Hyperion passed away in January of 2014. His road to discovering this tradition, now held by the Brotherhood of the Unnamed Path, was a winding one and continued to unfold until his passing.

He was raised Roman Catholic, was a first generation American and discovered that he was gay at the age of eleven. His spiritual education began shortly after discovering his sexual orientation, when he found himself being ostracized by the Catholic Church he attended, worked at and volunteered for. His deeply religious sense and constant relationship with God led him to explore alternative religions. While studying and investigating most of the world’s major religions, he learned to read tarot, magical herbalism, candle magic, astrology and meditation. After seeking through most conventional major religions he still didn’t find a good fit for him as a gay man and as a magical person – until he came across the occult section in the local metaphysical bookshop. After reading one book in the store he came to realize that there was a religion that captured all of his personal beliefs and practices in one place and put a name on it – Wicca.

He then began studying Wicca and Magic as a solitary practitioner for a few years then sought out a community. While attending an open Lughnasadh celebration run by Lance and Grail (DCW) in 1994, he found his new spiritual home. He began an intensive magical apprenticeship with the Druidic Craft of the Wise and after 3+ years, was fully initiated and a functioning member of their Coven. He became a blessed teacher and conducted classes in the DCW, candle magic, herb magic, astrology, divination and many other topics. He grew in the Craft until his group elected him their Priest. He was ordained in 1998 to the Priesthood of the Craft.

While serving his coven as their Priest he still felt a lack of cultural connection to the DCW. It didn’t speak to his Latino roots. What did, was the religion of Santeria (La Regla de Ocha) which was so deeply present in Cuban culture, music and lore. While his personal upbringing never involved any of Santeri­a’s elements, its magic, music and art called to him. He was introduced to a Santero and learned from him to approach the religion with an open heart and genuine passion to learn. While he was involved in Santeria, he learned about mediumship, how to communicate with the dead, he experienced trance possession and grew his relationship to the spirits of the land. Eventually, when the time came for initiation, he was crowned as a priest of Shango in The Bronx, New York, November 3, 2001 at the hands of a different Santero from the original one that introduced him to the religion (due to a reading performed that indicated that this needed to happen).

While in his initiatory year, he was religiously abused at the hands of this new Godfather, as was his friend (former Godfather) who had originally introduced him to the religion. Both left this unethical man’s spiritual house and went solo. As part of this life-altering experience of religious abuse, he rediscovered his sense of self, left the religion of Santeria and returned to his home with the DCW and witchcraft.

After returning to the Craft, he was re-elected as the leadership of his group and was eventually elevated to the High Priesthood in 2004. He began integrating the experiences of spirit contact, energy working, and trance possession into his personal spiritual path.

In 2005, while serving his group as their High Priest he was (re)introduced to Shamanism through a close friend and began using the Shamanic Journeying techniques to deepen his connection with the spirits of the land, the divine, his own guides and the ancestors in order to sort through any issues and work toward his personal evolution. As part of this process, he came into contact with the Ancestors of Men-who-love-men who taught him an energy healing technique that uses a set of symbols to channel universal life force toward the recipient and engages the ancestors in directing the energy.

In addition to this healing technique, the Ancestors of Men-who-love-men began to teach him a way to integrate all of these separate parts of his spirituality into one path, while disposing of other parts that didn’t have anything to do with the energy current that gay men naturally tap into. He began capturing all of this in a series of lessons, and finally one day, his spirit guides instructed him to begin teaching classes. Taking advantage of technology, he opted to put these classes in the form of podcasts to build awareness of the tradition.

Hyperion has presented at pagan and academic events around the world including Pantheacon, the Pagan Studies Conference, Los Angeles/Orange County Pagan Pride Day, Into the Green, May Magic, Between the Worlds and has hosted Stone and Stang, a spiritual retreat in Southern California for pagan men-who-love-men.

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