Walking the Unnamed Path Podcast

Beginning in September 2016, Unnamed Path Brother Initiates Mathew Sydney and Michael Greywolf began a new set of podcasts called Walking the Unnamed Path. EPISODES ARE LISTED BELOW

In these podcasts Mathew, Michael, and their guests, will be diving deeper into topics & ideas pertaining to the Unnamed Path, and exploring how individuals are relating and working the material. They will also be featuring news, music, and covering general topics pertaining to queer pagan men. Shows air live the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 12:00 Noon PACIFIC and are archived here immediately after.

The founder of the Unnamed Path, Eddy ‘Hyperion’ Gutiérrez, started our tradition with a podcast that he was charged to do by our gods and ancestors. When he passed in 2014 that podcast officially came to an end. The tradition has continued to grown and Mathew and Michael have dedicated, with the blessings of the brotherhood, to present this podcast and build upon what Hyperion started. They are both very excited for this new show and want to thank Pamela Kelly and the Pagans Tonight Radio Network for offering us this platform!

To get in touch with Mathew or Michael please email: WalkingtheUnnamedPath@gmail.com, follow us on Twitter at @Walking_theUP, and like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WalkingTheUnnamedPath/.

Episode 50
Guest: n/a
Topic: Review of Unnamed Path Episodes on Gender, Polarity, and Magic

Episode 50
Guest: Casey Giovinco
Topic: Discussion of Casey’s book Garbed in Green

Episode 49
Guest: Andrew Ramer
Topic: Recap of Stone & Stang 2018 and discussions of Andrew’s work

Episode 48
Guest: Chris Allaun
Topic: Discussion of Chris’s book – Underworld: Shamanism, Myth, Magick – Vol I

Episode 47
Guest: Lee Harrington
Topic: Sacred Sexuality & Kink

Episode 46
Guest: n/a
Topic: Stone and Stang

Episode 45
Guest: n/a
Topic: The Red Meal & Ancestors

Episode 44
Guest: n/a
Topic: Review of Spirit Guides information

Episode 43
Guest: Sphinx & David Shorey
Topic: Working with Spirit Guides

Episode 42
Guest: n/a
Topic: Pride

Episode 41
Guest: Buck Agrios
Topic: UP Circles vs. The Wheel of the Year

Episode 40
Guest: Cliff Comacho and Robby Jones
Topic: Roundtable on Relationships

Episode 39
Guest: David Shorey
Topic: HIV & Magic

Episode 38
Guest: Khi Armand & Donald Hua
Topic: Race and Privilege in the Modern Paganism

Episode 37
Guest: TommieStarChild & David Shorey
Topic: Recap of Roots and Bones event in Australia

Episode 36
Guest: Sister Unity
Topic: Storytime

Episode 35
Guest: Orion Foxwood
Topic: Faerie Seership

Episode 34
Guest: Hazel Mahan & Chase Powers
Topic: Curses, Hexes, & Self Defence

Episode 33
Guest: Thomas Deusa
Topic: Magic & Spirit Work

Episode 32
Guest: Sancista Brujo Luis
Topic: Mediumship

Episode 31
Guest: Mat & Michael
Topic: World AIDS Day 2017

Episode 30
Guest: Mat & Michael
Topic: Honoring the Ancestors of Men-Who-Love-Men

Episode 29
Guest: Dr. Susan Harper & Chase Powers
Topic: Inclusion/Exclusion Roundtable

Episode 28
Guest: Kraig Blackwelder (Rescheduled)
Topic: Gay Spirit Visions Retreat

Episode 27
Guest: Kraig Blackwelder
Topic: Gay Spirit Visions Retreat

Episode 26
Guest: Mathew & Michael
Topic: One Year Anniversary of Walking the Unnamed Path

Episode 25
Guest: Mathew & Michael
Topic: Two Flutes Playing

Episode 24
Guest: Buck Arigos
Topic: Roots & Bones

Episode 23
Guest: Shane Henderson
Topic: Between the Worlds

Episode 22
Guest: Cliff Camacho
Topic: The Dark Goddess

Episode 21
Guest: Paul Law
Topic: The Light God

Episode 20
Guest: Ken Dell
Topic: The Dark God

Episode 19
Guest: Michael & Matthew
Topic: The Light Goddess

Episode 18
Guest: Karina BlackHeart
Topic: The Power of Silence

Episode 17
Guest: Houston Cypress & David Shorey
Topic: Earth Day & Decolonization Round-table

Episode 16
Guest: Houston Cypress
Topic: Perspective of a Two-Spirit

Episode 15
Guest: Bill Skywatcher
Topic: Astrology

Episode 14
Guest: Tommie StarChild
Topic: PantheaCon

Episode 13
Guests: Dr. Susan Harper
Topics:  Pagan Activism

Episode 12
Guests: Julian Crosson-Hill
Topics:  Querent Queer Spirituality Conference being held the weekend of April 14th in Cincinnati, Ohio. This year is the first year of Querent. Querent is a queer spirituality conference for LGBTQI practitioners of alternate spiritual paths, their allies and supporters. For more information about Querent please check out their website at querent DOT org.

Episode 11
Guests: Donald Hua, Cliff Camacho, Call in by David Shorey
Topics: The 10th Anniversary of the Unnamed Path

Episode 10
Guests: Hazel Black
Topics: Hazel’s experience as an Initiate of the Unnamed Path.

Episode 9
Guests: Aaron “Sphnix” Capps, David Shorey
Topics: Reflecting on what we wish to accomplish this year. What type of a change agent do we want to be in the world and what way we can be of service to our community.

Episode 8
Guest: Cliff Camacho
Topics: Our capacity to love as men who love men and what that means to each of us.

Episode 7
Guest: Tommie StarChild
Topics: Tommie talks about his experience as an Initiate the Unnamed Path. Personal healing and self worth.

Episode 6
Guest: Aaron “Sphinx” Capps
Topics: Sphinx talks about his experience as an Initiate and Teacher of the Unnamed Path. Shadow Work.

Episode 5
Guest: Khi Armand
Topics: Khi talks about his experiences in the Unnamed Path. Shamanic practices and techniques.

Episode 4
Guest: Cliff Camacho
Topics: Cliff’s experience as an Initiate of the Unnamed Path. Death Walking.

Episode 3
Guest: Chase Powers
Topics: Chase’s experience as an Initiate and Teacher of the Unnamed Path. Shamanism and Shamanic Practice.

Episode 2
Guest: David Shorey
Topics: David’s experience as an Initiate and Teacher of the Unnamed Path. The Unnamed Path’s Stone and Stand gathering is discussed.

Episode 1
Topic: Introduction of the new podcast, Join Mathew and Michael every two weeks as they discuss topics and ideas pertaining to queer pagan men, and expand on the teachings and techniques laid out by Hyperion.