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A statement from Hyperion: “The Unnamed Path is a deep and complex spiritual path for Men-who-love-men that is constantly being revealed to us by our Ancestors. As they reveal the various parts of this path, I do my best to capture them both in podcast form and in written articles on this site. Because this is a constantly evolving path, it can become overwhelming, especially if you come upon it well after I started my podcasts. Therefore I offer this guide to you to get started in understanding The Unnamed Path.”

The Podcasts

The Technical Stuff: Podcasts are audio files that are published in sequential order kind of like an audio blog. The most convenient way to listen to them is through a podcast aggregator like iTunes. You can download iTunes for free from Apple’s website. Once you’ve downloaded and installed that program, you can then simply search within the Apple Music Store for The Unnamed Path, and you’ll find the podcast stream. You can subscribe to the stream which will give you the ability to track all of the episodes in order, and automatically download new ones as they become available. You don’t have to own an iPod or other mp3 player to listen to podcasts (as deceptive as the name sounds), you can listen to them on your computer by playing them in iTunes or your own podcast aggregator. For more information, visit the How to Listen to Episodes page.

The Educational Stuff: Hyperion recorded the podcast episodes as if they were a class. They occur in sequential order so that each podcast builds on the previous ones. You can certainly skip around and listen to more advanced podcasts, but it is really in your best interest to start at the beginning and listen to them in order. If you want to skip around, make sure to at least listen to podcast episodes 1-10 to get some basics down. Here is the link to episode 1 – Survey of the Unnamed Path.

Personal Spiritual Practice

When you embark upon a new spiritual path it is important to apply yourself consistently and sincerely in order to get the best results for your efforts. Episode 34 – Personal Spiritual Practice outlines a great way to set up your own spiritual daily practice to help you develop the spiritual skills you need on this path. When you start out, a good routine to set up for yourself is as follows:

5 days a week – 20 minutes of meditation (If you can only do 5 minutes, that’s great! Just work your way up to a goal of 20 min.)
1 day a week – do something in one of the four parts of The Unnamed Path: shamanic journey, magic/prophecy, energy healing, contacting spirit
1 day to just do nothing

Then on special occasions you can perform ceremonies as you feel motivated. Examples include Treading a Mill and sharing a Red Meal with one of the Gods or Goddesses. Performing a Spirit Contact Circle for a recently departed loved one. Engaging in Sacred Sexuality with a partner. Honoring the turning of the seasons by going out into nature and communing with the Spirits of the Land.

The Four Parts of The Unnamed Path

Episode 1 – A Survey of The Unnamed Path explains that there are four parts to The Unnamed Path. They are: Magic & Prophecy, Shamanism, Energy Healing and Deathwalking. Men-who-love-men are naturally skilled in these four spiritual practices because of our unique tuning and our capacity to love. As you progress in The Unnamed Path you may feel yourself called to become a specialist in one of these four parts. If you feel drawn to one of these four, learn as much as you can about it and apply it once a week as part of your personal spiritual practice. In The Unnamed Path, we are field-shamans – we learn from hands-on activity and application, not just from books and abstract discussions of pleasant ideas.

The Prominence of the Ancestors

The Unnamed Path is being awakened by the Ancestors of Men-who-love-men. They are motivating us to reclaim our position in society as spiritual leaders and they are guiding us with techniques and spiritual methods to accomplish that goal. As such, it is important for any Shaman who follows The Unnamed Path, to communicate with The Ancestors either through shamanic journey, spirit contact circle, treading of the mill or divination, so that he can recover lost techniques and lore to flesh out his personal spiritual practice. The Ancestors are our unique energetic current that we can draw upon as Men-who-love-men, and they are very willing to assist us in our spiritual evolution and practice. Make sure to honor them often in your life either through direct contact or through offerings of cool water on your altar or lit candles offering light in gratitude.

Walk the Path

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try things out on this path. It’s not a path of dogma or right/wrong, it’s a path of experience, revelation and application. Use the spiritual tools presented in the podcasts often and feel free to write to the Brothersif you have any questions about any of the episodes. Together, our personal experiences help to flesh out the path for those who come after us.

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