How to Listen to Episodes

I have to admit that prior to 2007 I had no idea what a podcast was nor did I have any idea how to listen to one. A podcast is essentially an “online broadcast” of a radio-type show. Some podcasts are entertaining, others are informative. The Unnamed Path strives to be informative and introspective.

Podcasts are downloaded – usually for free – either through a website or preferably through a podcast aggregating program like iTunes or iPodder – both of which are free. These programs allow you to subscribe to a podcast, then they’ll automatically monitor the stream of podcast content and inform you of when a new episode is available. I use iTunes and find it to be the best one out there. It will automatically download new episodes for you and even display the artwork associated with the podcast for your viewing pleasure.

While you can listen to The Unnamed Path simply by clicking on the Flash mini-player displayed by each episode, the easiest way is to follow these easy steps:

1) Download iTunes

2) Launch the iTunes application, click on “iTunes Store” in the menu on the left. Then search for “Unnamed Path” – it will bring up this podcast

3) Notice the podcast is labeled as “Free”. Click the “subscribe” button.

4) iTunes will begin downloading the latest episode to your computer for you to listen to.

5) You can then click on “podcasts” on iTunes’ left hand menu, and you’ll see a list of all the episodes available for The Unnamed Path. You can click the “Get” button to get each episode you want to listen to, and hear them at your leisure.

6) If you have an mp3 player like an iPod, you can also copy podcasts to it, and listen to them on-the-go.

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