Announcing Stone and Stang 2016!

The Brothers of the Unnamed Path are excited to unveil the return of Stone and Stang, a spiritual gathering for Men Who Love Men. Come join us for a long weekend of empowering, participant-led presentations, camaraderie, and relaxation. Stone and Stang will convene from Friday October 7 to Monday October 10, 2016 in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California.

This year’s theme is GUARDIANS OF THE GATES: Bridging the Physical and Spiritual Worlds, centering around the core of shamanism, the ability to reach into the spiritual world and bring lore and magic into the physical world. As Men Who Love Men, we have our own unique gifts we bring to this plane and to shamanic practice.

Registration and Presentation Submissions are expected to open on April 15, 2016. Stay tuned here or visit for additional information.


Hyperion Presenting at the Brazilian Conference on Wicca and Goddess Spirituality

Hyperion is the founder of the Unnamed Path - a shamanic path for men-who-love-men.

Hyperion is the founder of the Unnamed Path – a shamanic path for men-who-love-men.

Hyperion, founder of the Unnamed Path, is one of the featured speakers at the 5th Wiccan and Goddess Spirituality Conference in Brazil (through the magic of video conferencing) this Saturday June 15th at 3:30pm Brasilia time!

He will presenting a discussion called “The Magician or the High Priestess – an identity crisis in modern Wicca” where he will explore the bifurcated ancestry of Wicca and how we ultimately need to find our own path that reconciles the need to harmonize with nature (the High Priestess) versus the desire to dominate it (the Magician).

You can learn more about the conference on their website.