Standing Rock

Mni Wiconi
(“Water is Life” in Lakota)

In August 2016, the Unnamed Path signed onto the Pagan Statement of Solidarity with Standing Rock –…/pagan-solidarity-with…

As Winter sets in, with some Water Protectors heading home while others brace for the season, we reaffirm our solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the words expressed in the Pagan Statement of Solidarity.

We encourage everyone, as they are called, to work on this important issue as well as the numerous similar issues they face in their communities.


Social Justice and #BlackLivesMatter

The Unnamed Path Brotherhood is outraged at the social injustice propagated against those in the Black Community in America. Further, the lack of justice in the cases where clear injustice has been done.

It is also clear that the insidious narratives about racial minorities in America that have led to this are alive and well. The Brotherhood stands in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter in order to uproot these narratives from ourselves and from our society.

Those in power will learn to use it with compassion or they will be replaced with those who will. There will be conversation; we will speak to this, we will remember. Our Ancestors and our Gods have stirred and will not rest until actions are taken.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.



Diagram of The Great Crossroads

The Great Crossroads

This diagram captures the cosmology of the Unnamed Path, and reflects the relationships of the elements to our self, and the deities to our self. This diagram is meant to accompany podcast Episode 16 – Sacred Space / The Great Crossroads.

Color: Black
Qualities: Solidity, Physicality, Manifestation
Force of Creation: Death
Art: Deathwalking

Color: White/Clear
Qualities: Thought, Intellect, Ideas
Force of Creation: Life
Art: Energy Healing

Color: Red
Qualities: Will, force, action, creation
Force of Creation: Activity, Light
Art: Magic and Prophecy


Color: Blue
Qualities: Feelings, desires, reactions
Force of Creation: Receptivity, Dark
Art: Shamanism

Light God
Qualities: Divine perception, Selflessness, Angelic
Force of Creation: Angelic self

Dark God
Qualities: Desire satiating, Self-focused, Animalic
Force of Creation: Bestial self

Dark Goddess
Qualities: The field of potentiality before time and space ever exist
Force of Creation: Void

Light Goddess
Qualities: All manifestation in every possibility
Force of Creation: All Creation