Social Justice and #BlackLivesMatter

The Unnamed Path Brotherhood is outraged at the social injustice propagated against those in the Black Community in America. Further, the lack of justice in the cases where clear injustice has been done.

It is also clear that the insidious narratives about racial minorities in America that have led to this are alive and well. The Brotherhood stands in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter in order to uproot these narratives from ourselves and from our society.

Those in power will learn to use it with compassion or they will be replaced with those who will. There will be conversation; we will speak to this, we will remember. Our Ancestors and our Gods have stirred and will not rest until actions are taken.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.



Episode 55 – Love Spells: Calling Forth Your Perfect Mate

Episode 55 – Love Spells: Calling Forth Your Perfect Mate

Show Highlights:
• Review of previous two podcasts and the things you need to have in place before doing A Perfect Mate spell
• You have to be in a mental place where you don’t “WANT” a relationship
• Shell spell for a perfect mate
• Candle spell for a perfect mate


Preparing for Magical Work

As discussed in Episode 18, there are a few preparatory steps you sould take before ever working magic to accomplish a goal. Here they are explained in a basic checklist for you to use:

Step 1 – Write down a magical goal as if you already have it. What do you intend to have as the final outcome?

Step 2 – What is your feeling about the situation. Why do you want this magical goal? What is the desire that’s fueling this goal?

Step 3 – Evaluate whether this desire is rooted in a relaxed feeling (love) or a tense feeling (fear)

Step 4 – Ethical check: “Is this in alignment with your true nature?”

Step 5 – What concrete images will you visualize as your final goal?

Step 6 – Do the magic


Meditation Step-by-Step

Meditation is one of the best spiritual skills you can learn in life. Not only will it assist you in building relationships with spirits, guides and the divine, it will also contribute to greater health within your body, mind and soul. As promised in Podcast 15 – Building Magical Relationships, here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to meditate.

1) Either lay down on a comfortable surface or sit in a high-backed chair with arms that will fully support you as you completely relax.

2) Start by relaxing the body from your feet all the way to your head. Make sure to focus on tensing the muscles as much as you can, then releasing them and letting them flop down under their own gravity. This will assist your body in fully feeling the difference between tension and relaxation.

3)  Now that the body is fully relaxed, start relaxing the mind using deep breaths. Take anywhere from 5-10 deep breaths. Make sure you’re breathing diaphramatically (feel your belly rise and fall with each breath.) With each inhale, relax, and with each exhale release the tensions and troubles of the day. Exhale them out like blowing out the smoke of negativity.

4) Remain in mental quietude thoroughout the exercise. If you start to experience “mental chatter” like stray concerns or worries, simply acknowledge them and tell yourself “now is not the time, I’ll deal with that later.” Focus on the heaviness and relaxation in your entire body. If you ever start to tense up again, just focus on deep breathing and regaining that deep heaviness in your body.

5) If you choose to “pray” or communicate with a specific deity or entity, you can do so by picturing what you would like to discuss with them in your mind. Couple your mind pictures with the motivation and intent to communicate with that deity and the desire to know the answers to your questions. Then return to your meditative mental quietude and become receptive to any answers or inspirations.

6) Answers and inspirations will come either in the form of ideas in your mind, pictures in your mind, or feelings in your body like a warm fuzzy feeling (for a positive answer) or an empty nothingness (for a negative answer).  Continue this back and forth dialogue as long as you feel in necessary.

7) When you are done with your meditation, express some gratitude to the spirit or guide you were communicating with and then start the process of “coming out” of the meditation. Take ten deep breaths, and with each breath feel your awareness returning to the physical room around you. Become aware of your body, wiggle your toes and fingers, stretch and when you are ready open your eyes.