Social Justice and #BlackLivesMatter

The Unnamed Path Brotherhood is outraged at the social injustice propagated against those in the Black Community in America. Further, the lack of justice in the cases where clear injustice has been done.

It is also clear that the insidious narratives about racial minorities in America that have led to this are alive and well. The Brotherhood stands in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter in order to uproot these narratives from ourselves and from our society.

Those in power will learn to use it with compassion or they will be replaced with those who will. There will be conversation; we will speak to this, we will remember. Our Ancestors and our Gods have stirred and will not rest until actions are taken.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.



Pantheacon 2013 Events for the Unnamed Path

Pantheacon is a interdenominational pagan and alternative spirituality convention that takes place every year in San Jose, California at the DoubleTree Hotel. This is one of the most dynamic and moving weekends of the year where we get to exchange spiritual ideas and share sacred space with people of many different earth-centered spiritual paths.

This year, The Unnamed Path has many events lined up and we’ve decided to highlight them here with the hopes that you’ll join us and get to know our brothers a bit more.

For registration information, please visit (registration is required for most events).

Unnamed Path Hospitality Suite

Open Hours:
Friday: 9pm to Midnight
Saturday: 9pm to 1am
Sunday: 1pm to 6pm, 11pm to close

Room: 206
Location: The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA.

The Unnamed Path is hosting a hospitality/party room in the DoubleTree Hotel this year with open hours for you to come by, meet our members, get to know our founder Hyperion, learn more about the Unnamed Path or perhaps get a reading. Hospitality Suite Open Hours will be posted on the door and are also here for your schedule planning.

Unnamed Path Meet & Greet Party

Date: Saturday February 16, 2013
Time: 8pm – 1am
Room: 206
Location: The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA.
Facebook Event Page: click here

The brothers of the Unnamed Path invite you to join us for a Meet & Greet party in our Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon in San Jose, California. Join us for refreshments, snacks, laughs, deep conversations, a little magic and maybe even a psychic reading!

Our public events are always open to people of all gender identities and sexual natures. Bring some booze or drinks to share. We’ll have some snacks but feel free to bring more!

The Circle of Bones Ritual

Date: Sunday Feb. 17, 2013
Time: 9pm – 10:30pm
Room: Oak Room
Location: The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA.
Facebook Event Page: click here

Join the Deathwalkers of the Unnamed Path in our holy ceremony to communicate with the Ancestors, to receive assistance and love from the spirits of the dead. Be prepared for an authentic spirit contact ritual including spirit possession of the presiding Deathwalkers. Audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions for the Ancestors to answer. The Unnamed Path is a shamanic path for Men-who-love-men. Our public rituals are ALWAYS open to all genders and orientations.

This ceremony is not recommended for children under 14 years old. Doors close once event starts.

Decompression Party

Date: Sunday Feb. 17, 2013
Time: 10:30pm – 1am
Room: Room 206
Location: The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA.

After our Circle of Bones Ritual, we’ll congregate at the Unnamed Path Hospitality Suite and decompress from our ritual. If the spirits want to continue speaking we’ll give them the space to. If we just want to have a light snack and come down from the high of our ritual we can do that too. Think of it as a second but more low-key party for the weekend, to gather, share feelings, space and get to know us better.

You can always look around the Pantheacon Event for posters advertising our events and our location. Look for our four-square logo to easily find us wherever we may be.


Pantheacon 2013 is Coming Up

Hyperion and the brothers of the Unnamed Path will be attending Pantheacon in San Jose, California on February 15 – 18, 2013. Pantheacon is a interdenominational pagan conference that takes place every year in San Jose, California at the Doubletree Hotel.

The Deathwalkers of the Unnamed Path will be leading a Circle of Bones ceremony where we contact the spirits of the dead and receive their wisdom. The Circle of Bones Ceremony will take place at 9pm on Sunday February 17th.

Additionally, we’ll be hosting a hospitality room at the DoubleTree Hotel with open hours for anyone to drop by and learn more about our tradition, pay your respects at our altar and join us for refreshments. We’ll be holding a Meet and Greet Party on Saturday evening, as well as a “decompression party” after our ritual on Sunday. Look for information here on our website, as well as posters at Pantheacon with our hospitality room number on it.

We look forward to seeing you at Pantheacon in 2013! Learn more by visiting


Spirit Contact Sigil

Spirit Contact Sigil

The above symbol (the blue lines) was given to me by the Ancestors of Men-who-love-men as a means of opening a portal to communicate with the dead. It is drawn energetically with your hand or the wand, over the skull. The circle is drawn first, and then the pairs of lines. I like to draw the two pairs of vertical lines first – they are drawn inward toward the center of the circle. Then I draw the two horizontal pairs of lines – they are drawn outward away from the circle. I then use my hands to dilate or open up the circle as a portal and reach through it with my capacity to love in order to summon the Ancestors to be present for the Tapping of the Bone ritual.


Voices of the Past

When visiting Palm Springs this weekend, my partner and I decided to take a day hike to an ancient sacred native site – Indian Canyons. Here, the geology of the desert is such that springs burst forth from the tilted rock mountains creating valleys bursting with life in an ordinarily rocky, dead location.

The canopy of palm trees overhead shaded the land and dropped the temperature by about 15° F. As we hiked deeper into the canyon, all traces of humanity disappeared, and the pristine land came forth. This area is virtually untouched by humanity – the only evidence is a worn footpath of dirt paralleling the small stream. Many of the trees were blackened from a fire that must have happened recently, and yet all of the trees were green and lush. I stopped for a moment and listened deep into the heart of the earth. My eyes vision went slightly out of focus as I “zoned out.” I reached out with my soul, using the capacity to love that we as Men-who-love-men inherenty have, and spoke with the spirits of nature.

“I come with an open heart, a desire to know your ways and a deep respect for your kind. I ask for your permission to proceed.” I said. The guardians of the land made their presence known and they beamed with happiness for the shaman that was about to enter their paradise. “This is the land of fire, rock and wind. We have shaped this land and it is our domain. Humans have been coming into our territory and unnaturally introducing foreign plants, invading water and shifting the balance of life here. We don’t need your help, as our kind have ever dwelt here and can handle the situation, but we ask that you bring the awareness of the invasion to others.” the guardians said in chorus. “I shall do as you ask. Can I give you some energy to assist in you in your work in recovering from the fire that happened here?” I asked. “No… fire is a normal part of our life, and we can handle it.” the nature spirits responded.

We continued on our trek snaking along the small stream. I could hear ancestral laughter and see figures out of the corners of my eyes. The people who originally lived here led happy lives. They were in harmony with the earth and the forces of nature. They depended on the stream and the palms for their livelihood. Children used to float palm frond boats in the stream. Women wove baskets out of the leaves. men carved the trunks into containers. It was true harmony.

As a shaman and deathwalker, I have learned to quiet my inner mind chatter and turn my spiritual ear toward the land and toward the ancestors. I’ve learned to listen to their voices from the past, share their stories and take away whatever wisdom they are willing to impart. This time around they merely wanted me to share their story with others, and remember that the important thing in life is the time we spend with others, the relationships we have, and remembering to always approach everything with the joyful innoncence of a child.


Visiting the Ancestors of Men-who-love-men

The work of a deathwalker is intense and involves spirit contact in order to retrieve lost lore and guidance.

Last night I made a visit to my favorite little cemetery. It’s the oldest cemetery in the city and it’s open all night long – no gates, no guards – just dead folk. I paid my 9¢ at the entry to the cemetery to honor the Dark Lady and went in. I had two objectives in mind: to connect with the spirits of the land, and to visit the ancestors of Men-Who-Love-Men.

First, I picked a nice grassy area in the middle of the cemetery and then did an exercise to merge with the land. This cemetery is special because it lies along a ley line (energy line). The ley lines, for the most part in Southern California, follow the lines of the major faults in the area. It is as if the cracks in the earth allow the energy of the underworld to seep up and radiate out across the land allowing fertility and creation to manifest there.

In order to merge with the land, I placed my feet firmly on the ground and called out to the spirits of the land. I asked them respectfully to show me their wisdom and to help me form a relationship with them. I then reached out with my heart and gut down into the earth below me and pulled the energy of the land up through my body. As I pulled it up into my body, I raised my hands on either side to help it move into me. By the time the energy was at about shoulder height, I actually felt not so much as if the land energy was moving into me, as I was sinking into the land. When I pulled the energy all the way to the top of my being and had my hands held high over my head, I reversed the process. I brought my hands down and as I did so, I pushed my energy down into the earth in a sacred marriage between myself and the land. In that merging, I made a relationship with the guardians of the cemetery and the spirits that move through the land in that spot. The cemetery suddenly felt VERY comfortable and welcoming.

I then began my process of entering the trance and traveling into the underworld. I started to turn the mill counter-clockwise to open a portal down into the underworld. I walked forward around the circle with my left hand extended toward the center of the circle and my gaze fixed upon the center of all things. As my pace quickened and my breathing intensified, I felt myself starting to tread down into the land. I went faster and faster until at one point I looked up and saw the middle world above me and then collapsed into the center of my portal and let the journey happen.

I went to the bonfire in the underworld and visited the Ancestors of Men-Who-Love-Men and they were very happy to see me. I asked them what they thought of the podcasts that I had been doing and they liked them. They told me I’ve given enough spiritual foundation that now the time has come for me to speak about the issues we as gay men face in society and how these spritiual practices can help heal them or overcome them. My podcasts are going to reflect that change a bit more – to show how this is truly a gay men’s spiritual path. When I was ready to return to the middle world I turned to leave but I felt a presence next to my physical body. I heard breathing. I asked who he was and what he wanted. He was the one gay spirit buried in that cemetery who wanted to go up to the Upper World. He was done roaming there. He literally said, “Can I go with you?” and I said yes.

I asked my guides to assist me with the process and they hooked him onto my back. I then stood up in my trance and began turning the mill in the opposite direction – clockwise – in order to work my way to the upperworld. I moved faster and faster, around and around until I looked up and saw pure brilliance then I stopped. As the spirit disembarked from my back, I began to spin and get dizzy and stumble about and finally ended up on all fours shuddering as he detached from my energy field. He was glad to go – and my spirit guide took him to his destination.

It took me a moment before I came back to physical reality. Mission accomplished. The work of the deathwalker was done.