About Hyperion

I am the host and founder of the Unnamed Path. I have over 15 years of extensive experience in earth-based spiritual traditions including initiatory and non-initiatory paths. I'm an artist, a shaman, an energy healer, a deathwalker and a magician. Feel free to read my bio to learn more about me.

Stone and Stang – A Spiritual Gathering for Pagan Men-Who-Love-Men

Stone and Stang is a Spiritual Gathering for Pagan Men-who-love-men

Stone and Stang is a Spiritual Gathering for Pagan Men-who-love-men

The Brothers of the Unnamed Path are hosting a spiritual gathering for men-who-love-men in sunny Southern California called Stone and Stang. This event, while hosted by Hyperion and the brothers of the Unnamed Path, is open to men-who-love-men of all pagan and alternative spiritual paths. We want this event to be about YOU, not us, and we encourage each of you to submit ideas for presentations, workshops, rituals and performances, that we might all grown and enrich our spiritual lives together.

Stone and Stang – A Spiritual Gathering for Pagan Men-who-love-men
Date: October 4th – 7th, 2013
Location: Simi Valley, CA
Price: $60 (early registration until July 31, 2013)

This community-centered event will take place in the beautiful hills above Simi Valley, California, at a private healing center just one (1) mile off of a major Southern California freeway. Easily accessible from any of our local highways and airports, the location is green and shady, complete with an indoor pool, two hot tubs, a sauna and room to camp outdoors or set up an air mattress and sleeping bag indoors too. We get to enjoy the beauty of the golden hills, but also have access to modern bathrooms! 🙂

Presentation submissions close on June 30th, 2013 so get your proposals in right away! Also, registration for the event is even more affordable if you register early, so book your lodging and pay for your entry all in advance for maximum savings.

To learn more about the event, visit the Stone and Stang website at http://stoneandstang.com!


Hyperion Presenting at the Brazilian Conference on Wicca and Goddess Spirituality

Hyperion is the founder of the Unnamed Path - a shamanic path for men-who-love-men.

Hyperion is the founder of the Unnamed Path – a shamanic path for men-who-love-men.

Hyperion, founder of the Unnamed Path, is one of the featured speakers at the 5th Wiccan and Goddess Spirituality Conference in Brazil (through the magic of video conferencing) this Saturday June 15th at 3:30pm Brasilia time!

He will presenting a discussion called “The Magician or the High Priestess – an identity crisis in modern Wicca” where he will explore the bifurcated ancestry of Wicca and how we ultimately need to find our own path that reconciles the need to harmonize with nature (the High Priestess) versus the desire to dominate it (the Magician).

You can learn more about the conference on their website.


Pantheacon 2013 Events for the Unnamed Path

Pantheacon is a interdenominational pagan and alternative spirituality convention that takes place every year in San Jose, California at the DoubleTree Hotel. This is one of the most dynamic and moving weekends of the year where we get to exchange spiritual ideas and share sacred space with people of many different earth-centered spiritual paths.

This year, The Unnamed Path has many events lined up and we’ve decided to highlight them here with the hopes that you’ll join us and get to know our brothers a bit more.

For registration information, please visit Pantheacon.com (registration is required for most events).

Unnamed Path Hospitality Suite

Open Hours:
Friday: 9pm to Midnight
Saturday: 9pm to 1am
Sunday: 1pm to 6pm, 11pm to close

Room: 206
Location: The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA.

The Unnamed Path is hosting a hospitality/party room in the DoubleTree Hotel this year with open hours for you to come by, meet our members, get to know our founder Hyperion, learn more about the Unnamed Path or perhaps get a reading. Hospitality Suite Open Hours will be posted on the door and are also here for your schedule planning.

Unnamed Path Meet & Greet Party

Date: Saturday February 16, 2013
Time: 8pm – 1am
Room: 206
Location: The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA.
Facebook Event Page: click here

The brothers of the Unnamed Path invite you to join us for a Meet & Greet party in our Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon in San Jose, California. Join us for refreshments, snacks, laughs, deep conversations, a little magic and maybe even a psychic reading!

Our public events are always open to people of all gender identities and sexual natures. Bring some booze or drinks to share. We’ll have some snacks but feel free to bring more!

The Circle of Bones Ritual

Date: Sunday Feb. 17, 2013
Time: 9pm – 10:30pm
Room: Oak Room
Location: The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA.
Facebook Event Page: click here

Join the Deathwalkers of the Unnamed Path in our holy ceremony to communicate with the Ancestors, to receive assistance and love from the spirits of the dead. Be prepared for an authentic spirit contact ritual including spirit possession of the presiding Deathwalkers. Audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions for the Ancestors to answer. The Unnamed Path is a shamanic path for Men-who-love-men. Our public rituals are ALWAYS open to all genders and orientations.

This ceremony is not recommended for children under 14 years old. Doors close once event starts.

Decompression Party

Date: Sunday Feb. 17, 2013
Time: 10:30pm – 1am
Room: Room 206
Location: The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA.

After our Circle of Bones Ritual, we’ll congregate at the Unnamed Path Hospitality Suite and decompress from our ritual. If the spirits want to continue speaking we’ll give them the space to. If we just want to have a light snack and come down from the high of our ritual we can do that too. Think of it as a second but more low-key party for the weekend, to gather, share feelings, space and get to know us better.

You can always look around the Pantheacon Event for posters advertising our events and our location. Look for our four-square logo to easily find us wherever we may be.


Pantheacon 2013 is Coming Up

Hyperion and the brothers of the Unnamed Path will be attending Pantheacon in San Jose, California on February 15 – 18, 2013. Pantheacon is a interdenominational pagan conference that takes place every year in San Jose, California at the Doubletree Hotel.

The Deathwalkers of the Unnamed Path will be leading a Circle of Bones ceremony where we contact the spirits of the dead and receive their wisdom. The Circle of Bones Ceremony will take place at 9pm on Sunday February 17th.

Additionally, we’ll be hosting a hospitality room at the DoubleTree Hotel with open hours for anyone to drop by and learn more about our tradition, pay your respects at our altar and join us for refreshments. We’ll be holding a Meet and Greet Party on Saturday evening, as well as a “decompression party” after our ritual on Sunday. Look for information here on our website, as well as posters at Pantheacon with our hospitality room number on it.

We look forward to seeing you at Pantheacon in 2013! Learn more by visiting Pantheacon.com


Unnamed Path Apprenticeships Starting in September!

It’s that time of year again. The official apprenticeships for The Unnamed Path are starting in September. This is the official year-long training to learn the Unnamed Path and work toward initiation into our tradition.

The apprenticeship is a journey of self-discovery and relationship building. During the course of your year you’ll build relationships with our Gods and Goddesses, with the Ancestors of Men-who-love-men, with your personal guides and totems, but most importantly with your self. You’ll delve deeply into your own Shadow Self, and learn to connect all the parts of your self into a whole, self-aware individual. It’s about growing your personal power and aligning you with your true path in life.

The apprenticeship consists of 26 classes, held every other week. Classes are $30 to $50 per lesson on a sliding scale according to what you can afford. Lessons are taught on Skype. You’ll need a camera and a headset for your lessons but no membership to skype is necessary.

During the year of apprenticeship you’ll be learning proficiency in the Four Arts of the Unnamed Path: Magic & Prophecy, Deathwalking, Energy Healing and Shamanism. You’ll have regular homework requiring you to actively perform these skills and apply yourself. This is not a casual class – this is a serious apprenticeship. Additionally you’ll be required to attend two in-person workshop weekends during the class with your teacher to learn our techniques hands-on because some things just can’t be taught online.

We have five different class rounds starting up in the next few months. The schedule for class launches is as follows:

September 16th, 2012 – Brother Hyperion (Long Beach, CA)
September 16th, 2012 – Brother Sphinx (Beaumont, TX)
October, 2012 – Brother Chase (Houston, TX)
November, 2012 – Brother Rex (Long Beach, CA)
March, 2013 – Brother Ravenmoon (Sacramento, CA)

All classes will be taught online through Skype but we prefer if you contact the teacher closest to you as it will make travel easier for the in-person workshops when the time comes.

If you are interested in learning the Unnamed Path and working toward initiation, please contact the teacher above that you’d like to study with via email and they will arrange your class schedule with you. Class seating is limited so get in touch soon!


Episode 71 – Discussion of Pantheacon 2012, Z. Budapest and Witnessing from the Center

Episode 71 – Discussion of Pantheacon 2012, Z. Budapest and Witnessing from the Center

Show Highlights:

  • Hyperion discusses the events surrounding the protest by the trans community against Z. Budapest at Pantheacon 2012
  • Conjure Doctor Corner on healing spells

Episode 70 – Interview with Devin Hunter of the Modern Witch Podcast


Episode 70 – Interview with Devin Hunter of the Modern Witch Podcast

Show Highlights:

  • Interview with Devin Hunter, host of the Modern Witch Podcast, available at http://www.devinhunter.net/Podcast.htm
  • Conjure Doctor Corner segment: Hot Foot Spells

Episode 69 – Initiation

Episode 69 – Initiation

Show Highlights:

  • Initiation in The Unnamed Path takes place at the end of your training but signals the beginning of your personal spiritual journey
  • Hyperion discusses the requirements for initiation into The Unnamed Path
  • How to deepen your relationships with the Gods and Goddesses prior to initiation through devotional rituals, contact work and shamanic journeys
  • Conjure Doctor Corner segment: Lodestone Magic

Unnamed Path Classes Starting Soon!

The next cycle of Unnamed Path classes will be starting at the end of March. This is a year-long apprenticeship taught by Hyperion covering all of the material of The Unnamed Path through online classes via Skype. Classes will be scheduled at dates and times that are mutually beneficial for all students and the teacher. Here are the details on The Unnamed Path apprenticeship below:

  • Class Frequency: classes are taught through Skype every other week, and usually last about 1.5 to 2 hours in length
  • Class Fees: classes are $30-$50 per lesson, on a sliding scale according to your ability to pay
  • Class Commitment: The apprenticeship consists of approximately 25 classes. Attendance is mandatory. You may only miss up to three classes and each missed class must be made up with the teacher at a later time. During the apprenticeship students are required to meet with Hyperion, in-person twice: once for workshops and hands-on training, and the second time for the initiation ceremony at the end of study.
  • Class Size: Classes will be limited to 10 students, first come first served
  • Initiation: The Unnamed Path Classes are a road toward initiation in the tradition. At the end of your study, having met all requirements, you will be eligible for initiation and adoption into the Tribe of the Unnamed Path

If you are interested in participating in the Unnamed Path apprenticeship classes, join our Unnamed Path yahoo discussion group. Class details will be announced there.


Episode 68 – Pathworking to Meet the Dark Goddess

Episode 68 – Pathworking to Meet the Dark Goddess

Show Highlights:

  • Pathworking to meet the Dark Goddess in the Underworld
  • Black mirror and black candle recommended for tools
  • Wear black clothing
  • Music for the pathworking by Alio Die “Internal Top” from the album “The Memory Pool”