Don’t Take Away My Rights

Hello friends, brothers and spiritual kin,
I find myself in a very angry place at the moment. Here we stand on the precipice of a very important election, and not only is the future of our country in question, but the future of our rights as human beings are being threatened.

On the California ballot there is a proposition being put up for the vote that would explicitly take our rights away as granted to us by the California State Constitution. Proposition 8 is precisely worded to eliminate the right for gays and lesbians to marry and codify it into the State Constitution overriding our long-standing constitutional principle that everyone in our state is treated equally regardless of sex, national origin, religion or sexual orientation. This would be the first time in California history that discrimination is codified into the Constitution to explicitly take away one group’s rights.

There are currently many advertisements on television and the radio spreading lies about the implications of the recent California Supreme Court decision, namely that somehow churches would lose their tax-free status or that kids would be forced to learn about gay marriage in schools, etc. These are all false. We have protections in place in state law that would prevent these things from happening. Because many of you don’t have time or don’t know where to research these things for yourself, I provide the following link for your edification:

Proposition 8 Fact vs. Fiction

Don’t believe the lies. Don’t fall for the fear campaign. But more importantly, please don’t take away my rights as a citizen of this state and as a human being. Please vote NO on Proposition 8 this November. I know I’m not a second-class citizen and I certainly hope you feel the same way.

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