Episode 49 – The Elements and Colors in Magic

Episode 49 – The Elements and Colors in Magic

Show Highlights:
• Each magical goal can be linked with one or more of the elements in terms of their nature
• Fire goals: Protection, courage, action, energy, fiery cleansing and purification
• Water goals: Emotional issues, love, peace, tranquility, dream work, calming cleansing and purification
• Earth goals: Money, work and career issues, property, possessions, health and healing, animals, ancestral work
• Air goals: Mental clarity, study, learning, communication, travel, planning
• Colors meanings are discussed in detail, and sample spells are cited incorporating color symbolism

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  1. Just a thought you might want to put up a listing of the element of magic and color for quick reference. Like the diagram and list you did for the great crossroads posting.

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