Episode 47 – Messages from the Dark God

Episode 47 – Messages from the Dark God

Show Highlights:
• These are messages received from the Dark God during a Spirit Circle in October of 2007
• We are living in an era ruled by fear and consequently have disconnected ourselves from one another and from the earth. We need to heal this in our society by refusing to succumb to fear and living fearlessly
• The time for religions and “traditions” is dead, now is the era for individual spiritual exploration and personal truths
• We get too wrapped up in the complexity of rituals thinking that they are more powerful or effective. Instead of sparsely performed complex rituals, we should focus on consistently repeated small spiritual actions (like lighting a candle or walking outdoors) to keep us constantly in the spiritual current
• God is not all white, and love – God is non-judgmental blackness

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1 thought on “Episode 47 – Messages from the Dark God

  1. Hyperion,
    Great message from the Dark God. I have had a similar message for a while now about “tradition”. First, there really is no “tradition” in modern paganism (wicca, druidry, faery etc).

    The “traditions” ascribed to these paths are pretty much modern constructs that were invented or pieced together to help create an old religion. This isn’t to say that these paths are NOT valid. They ARE. All forms of religious practice were made up and new once. But to say that they are “traditional” or passed down is false. Perhaps this is what the Dark God wants us to realize – that our covens, guilds, circles, groves, etc don’t have long standing traditions to the “old ways” and that we need to forge our relationships with the Gods/esses now, based on our experiences now. Not some fantasy of what we think the ancients operated in.

    Maybe this is a blessing of having the “traditions” broken for so many centuries. That we can now forge our relationships as modern technological people with the spirits to revitalize them and regenerate the spirit realm with new energy since it has been depleted over the last 200 years due to the Industrial, Technological and Informational revolutions that have stripped humans of our spiritual relationships. Probably more so than Christianity has.

    It’s time for us to use our modern sensibilities to connect with the Gods/desses and strengthen those spiritual realms once again. To live our spiritual lives with vigor, conviction, sincerity and devotion (piety) and not just at Pantheacons, Rituals, Coven ceremonies, Halloween, etc. This is the strength of Christianit: that those who follow it (rightly or wrongly) do so with conviction and sincerity and they let their spiritual lives permeate and influence their earthly lives. (I know I did when I was christian).

    Jesus is quoted as saying that the 2 greatest commandments are this (paraphrased) to love the Lord your god (I interpret this to mean our spirituality) with all your heart soul, mind, and body. And the second is like it: to love your neighbor as yourself. he further said that ALL the law and the [words of the] prophets rested upon those two concepts.

    That’s powerful because if every person did just those two things, this world would be an awesome place to live and quite harmonious.

    Go forth and be spiritual and proud of it.

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