Episode 45 – Sacred Holidays

Episode 45 – Sacred Holidays

Show Highlights:
• Holidays in the Unnamed Path are closely tied to what’s going on in the environment around you and the changes in nature
• Our holidays are gatherings where we offer our spiritual gifts to the greater community; there are anywhere from 3 to 5 different ones
• The Circle of Blessing (occurs when the crops in the area are being planted) – magical goals are brought to the Shamans to be manifested
• The Circle of Light (occurs when diseases start arising) – Shamans gather in a large circle offering energy healing to the members of the community
• The Circle of Bones (occurs when the leaves start falling from the trees – or what ever time best correlates to death in your environment) – Deathwalkers gather together and act as channelers allowing others to contact their dead loved ones
• The Circle of Sight (occurs at the peak of the year) – A single shaman acts as a “seer” or prophet and enters into a trance allowing others to have their questions and answers divined
• The Circle of Mysteries (occurs when the local wildflowers start blooming) – The sacred sexual union of the Dark and Light Gods is enacted through two MWLM, experiencing the mysteries of our sexuality

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  1. This would make a great handout at pantheacon, and will you be placing a more detailed version on the website?

  2. I could write up an article on it on the website here, but a hand out doesn’t necessarily work effectively since our holidays truly are dependent on the environment in which you live.

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