Episode 43 – Secrecy

Episode 43 – Secrecy

Show Highlights:
• Secrecy has been maligned in our society mainly due to its abuses by authority figures or ruling organizations like the government or church
• Secrecy is actually a magical tool that helps build intensity and energy behind what is kept secret
• Secrecy should be used to help manifest your magical goals as well as any positive things in your life
• Openly discussing things drains energy out of them and can be used effectively to release or unravel negative past experiences such as emotional pains or abuses – these things should never be kept secret as they will gain in power and strength

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I am the host and founder of the Unnamed Path. I have over 15 years of extensive experience in earth-based spiritual traditions including initiatory and non-initiatory paths. I'm an artist, a shaman, an energy healer, a deathwalker and a magician. Feel free to read my bio to learn more about me.

1 thought on “Episode 43 – Secrecy

  1. Hyperion,

    I want to publicly congratulate and thank you for the great work you have done with the podcasts. Putting out the amount of material you have done is a lot of work and I know a lot of sweat, tears…and probably some blood too.

    I know I can speak for a lot of folks when I wish you the very best for 2008. Please remember to take time for yourself and call on your friends and listeners if we can be of help.

    David Shorey

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