Episode 36 – Introduction to Prophecy

Episode 36 – Introduction to Prophecy

Show Highlights:
• Prophecy is the magical art of seeing patterns in fate and predicting outcomes
• There are many forms of prophecy including divination, scrying and prophetic vision
• Prophecy is a most-likely forecast for how things will turn out if you don’t change anything
• Prophecies should be used as guidelines to decide whether to change behavior and affect the future or not
• Be careful when reporting death, disease, divorce or disaster – planting such a strong prediction in a person’s mind can actually lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy
• Doubting yourself will only disconnect you from your divine current of inspiration and information – never doubt yourself when engaging in prophecy

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1 thought on “Episode 36 – Introduction to Prophecy

  1. When I first started down the pagan path I tried divination and started with the tarot, but it just wasn’t making sense. Then I picked a set of rune stone and suddenly thing were clear. A few years ago I wasn’t getting a clear reading from the runes and pick up my tarot cards. Now their making more sense to me. A friend for my birthday gave me a set that after discussion seemed more me that the first set I had. And the reading have made even more sense. I general do it when I’m stuck on a issue that has equal numbers of pros and cons facts.

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