Spirit Contact Sigil

Spirit Contact Sigil

The above symbol (the blue lines) was given to me by the Ancestors of Men-who-love-men as a means of opening a portal to communicate with the dead. It is drawn energetically with your hand or the wand, over the skull. The circle is drawn first, and then the pairs of lines. I like to draw the two pairs of vertical lines first – they are drawn inward toward the center of the circle. Then I draw the two horizontal pairs of lines – they are drawn outward away from the circle. I then use my hands to dilate or open up the circle as a portal and reach through it with my capacity to love in order to summon the Ancestors to be present for the Tapping of the Bone ritual.

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2 thoughts on “Spirit Contact Sigil

  1. When you say that you draw the symbol “over the skull” does that mean your own? Or is this a personal alter piece? Or something else?
    Had a very good friend die a few days ago, and thought perhaps I’d attempt to draw on him as a guide; or is that inappropriate? He was quite spiritual, once a Catholic Brother, left after 13years then met and married and fathered a daughter. Later divorced, lived alone before meeting a gay man and entered a 10+yr relationship w/him. He was also a counsellor, and used to lead a men’s guided meditation grouup then helped to interpret our symbols.

  2. The Skull is one of the magical tools. I recommend you listen to the podcast on magical tools to understand how its used in the process of Spirit contact. In fact, there are several podcasts that I recorded prior to recording the Contacting the Spirits podcast which will be of great help to you, I recommend you check them out as they cover all of the basics you’ll need to leap into this advanced art.

    You can certainly use the spirit contact symbol to communicate with your friend and assist him in his transition into the Underworld. He’s probably not ready to be a guide for you, per se, as he’s still going through his death process, but you can certainly communicate with him and feel it out. Only he will ultimately be able to tell you if he is in a spiritual position to act as such for you. Spirit Guides are the ascended Mighty Dead who have, through their great acts and character here on earth, not only overcome the process of life, death and rebirth, but have assisted mankind as a Mighty Dead ancestor sufficiently enough to move into the Upper World. Most recently departed are not at this stage of their evolution yet. I would venture to guess that at this phase of his spiritual journey he probably needs your energy, love and assistance in his transition more than anything.

    I send you my deepest sympathy for the loss of your friend and I wish you many blessings,

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