Episode 21 – Sacred Sexuality

Episode 21 – Sacred Sexuality

Show Highlights:
• The Sacred Sexual union with the priesthood is called the Hieros Gamos (sacred marriage), and can be enacted with any two polar opposite spiritual forces, not just male/female
• We have a heritage as men-who-love-men, of being sacred sexual priests in ancient temples, providing this service as a spiritual communion with the divine for the participants
• Sacred Sexuality requires an open heart, understanding of how to move energy, seeing the God within you and your partner, emotional connectedness with your partner, and self-love
• When two men make love, their sexual union unleashes healing energy for themselves and for their society
• Learn the step-by-step process to have sacred sex

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2 thoughts on “Episode 21 – Sacred Sexuality

  1. Is there away to call up this energy when the other partner is unavailable to be involved, either mentally or physcially.

  2. I’m a bit confused. Are you asking if it’s possible to have sacred sexuality alone? Because if someone’s not mentally involved, then they aren’t having sex with an open heart… you might evoke a reaction out of them, but more likely you’ll be sexually healing them than engaging in a full-blown act of sacred sexuality. If they aren’t physically available – like at distance, then the physical component isn’t taking place, so in the strictest sense if isn’t sex. It can be playful and sexual, but it’s not the hieros gamos, per se.

    You can CERTAINLY have sacred sex with yourself, however. This is totally doable. Simply take the aspect of one of the Gods within yourself, then make love to the other face of the God as you pleasure yourself and you’ll feel it happen.

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