Episode 11 – Energy

Episode 11 – Energy

Show Highlights:
• Energy is the intangible part that makes up everything in the spiritual world as well as the backroads of the Middle World
• Source for energy include: the earth, the universe, the ancestors, the self and more
• Energy is used in every one of the four parts of the Unnamed Path
• Energy is directed either through Motivation (desire and intent), Body (breathing, sex, dancing, etc.), or Visualization
• Excess energy should be grounded and not held onto
• World Tree Breathing Exercise
• Recapitulation of Creating Sacred Space for Shamanic workings with an understanding of how to move energy

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I am the host and founder of the Unnamed Path. I have over 15 years of extensive experience in earth-based spiritual traditions including initiatory and non-initiatory paths. I'm an artist, a shaman, an energy healer, a deathwalker and a magician. Feel free to read my bio to learn more about me.

2 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Energy

  1. Hi Hyperion, these lessons are amazing, and me and my husband really appreciate them and thank you for them.

    In creating sacred space you talked about the symbols for the quarters and elements in the unnamed path. I was trying to find these on the site, I remember the circled cross symbol. Is this just the symbol for earth, or do you use it for all four quarters? Sorry if I’ve missed them, but I couldn’t find or remember the symbols for the other elements.

    thanks again



  2. Hey Mo,

    The symbol is indeed the symbol for earth and it is the one you should use at every point in the setting up of a shamanic journeying space. One to the east, one to the south, one to the west, one to the north, one above, one below and one in the center of all things (I don’t know if I mentioned the up/down/middle axis or not in the podcast, but it is what I do.) Here is the symbol

    There are other symbols but I’ve been told to not release them yet, until I can do a workshop in person to show them to people.


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