The Guardians of the Land

Lake Ontario - Guardians of the Land

I took a trip to Toronto, Canada this weekend to visit one of my dear friends, meet his partner and get to see the sights. One of the things I definitely wanted to experience was the energy of the Great Lakes. Having never been to this area before, I couldn’t really imagine what it would be like to stand on the shores of the giant, ancient masses of water.

My friends and I headed out on a cold, snowy day to the shores of Lake Ontario – my goal was to acquaint myself with the Guardians of this land. The temperature was sub-freezing, and the wind howled from the land out across the water. I stood at the edge of the slumbering still lake. It’s slate gray waters mirrored the soft gray sky. Bravely removing my hands from my jacket into the biting cold air, I took a few deep breaths and reached out to the Guardians of this ancient land with my heart.

As my heart opened, I let the land spirits know that I came with respect in my heart and a sincere desire to know more about them. The Guardians came forth and showed me their forms. Four giant spirits towered around me. Before me in the center of the lake stood an elusive Giant Watery Guardian of the Lake. To my left stood a crystaline Rock Guardian. To my right stood a massive Tree Guardian, and behind me stood the cold Ice Guardian. Their massive forms reached high above me, and welcomed me as a sincere seeker of wisdom.

I then took some deep breaths and began the process of merging with the land spirits. As I reached down energetically with my now freezing hands, I began to pull the energy of the land up into my feet and legs, up into my hips and torso, and all the way up to the top of my head. As I did so, I raised my hands as if I was pulling the fabric of the land itself up over my head and in the process felt as if my body had descended deep into the heart of the earth. I then reversed the action and as I brought my frigid hands back down I pushed some of my own energy down through my feet into the earth until I felt I had returned as much energy as I had received.

The land there is ancient – some of the oldest rocks on the surface of the planet. It was explained to me that the four Guardians of the Land protect and maintain balance in this area, and that they created the topography of this land: ice, rock, tree and water. They also explained that it was currently the reign of the Ice Guardian which is why the reign of the next Guardian had not yet begun (the Tree Guardian.) They were explaining the late snow fall and why I perceived as if Spring had not yet arrived to this land. (Keep in mind I live in Southern California, and everything is in full bloom right now.)

The spirits of the land thanked me and let me know that I was welcome to return at any time and that they would help me out if I ever needed it. These Guardians felt very different than the ones back home – which also feel giant, but not as distinct or old. Then again, California is very geologically young by comparison, so I’m not surprised. This led me to understand that while indeed, the land is all one, it does have distinct parts that are presided over by different energies and currents that maintain its unique ecosystem.

I bid the Guardians farewell with thanks in my heart and as I turned to leave the shores of Lake Ontario, the wind picked up and bit through my skin to my bone. I pulled my jacket’s hood up over my head, jammed my freezing hands back into their pockets and ran back to the car for shelter. All hail the Ice Guardian and his phenomenal power!

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