Episode 9 – Thought is Creative

Episode 9 – Thought is Creative

Show Highlights:
• This is the first lesson of many to come on the topic of Magic
• The mind thinks in pictures
• The physical world is a direct manifestation of your thought patterns, whatever you “see” with your mind you create around you
• There is no such thing as a random thought. All thoughts come from originating thoughts or attitude you hold in your mind
• No one “does” anything to you, you only create every experience in your life. As such, you have a responsibility for your thoughts
• Use the fact that Thought is Creative to your advantage. Actively choose thoughts to manifest good things in your life. This is the cornerstone of magic

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  1. This was an amazing message. It really strikes a chord, and I plan to try it out. I thank you for all the hard work that you are doing for all of men-who-love-men.

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