Episode 8 – The World Tree

Episode 8 – The World Tree

Show Highlights:
• The World Tree is a visual metaphor for the structure of the spiritual world that is found in many cultures around the world.
• The World Tree has three parts – The Upper world (branches), the Middle world (the trunk) and the Underworld (the roots)
• The Upper world is the land of the Gods and guides, the Middle world is the physical world of relativity we live in along with its energetic backroads, and the Underworld is the land of the Ancestors and the Mighty Dead
• Fire and Water have unique meanings and purposes in the World Tree and act as portals to transport you to different areas of the Spirit World
• The World Tree is not linear – the branches grow up under the roots and support the Underworld from below.
• Many cultures have captured the experience of the mystic gaining wisdom and enlightenment in the story of him hanging from a tree (The World Tree).

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1 thought on “Episode 8 – The World Tree

  1. I tried to do a shamanic journey, but I couldn’t seem to get past the world tree. It wasn’t that I couldn’t enter some form of hole, I just could seem to focus on a clear image of the world tree and project myself towards it. It wouldn’t hold still. It kept changing and being weird and stupid. I’m a little frustrated (which is probably the opposite of what I want to be…) but maybe you could suggest something?

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