Unnamed Path Classes Starting Soon!

The next cycle of Unnamed Path classes will be starting at the end of March. This is a year-long apprenticeship taught by Hyperion covering all of the material of The Unnamed Path through online classes via Skype. Classes will be scheduled at dates and times that are mutually beneficial for all students and the teacher. Here are the details on The Unnamed Path apprenticeship below:

  • Class Frequency: classes are taught through Skype every other week, and usually last about 1.5 to 2 hours in length
  • Class Fees: classes are $30-$50 per lesson, on a sliding scale according to your ability to pay
  • Class Commitment: The apprenticeship consists of approximately 25 classes. Attendance is mandatory. You may only miss up to three classes and each missed class must be made up with the teacher at a later time. During the apprenticeship students are required to meet with Hyperion, in-person twice: once for workshops and hands-on training, and the second time for the initiation ceremony at the end of study.
  • Class Size: Classes will be limited to 10 students, first come first served
  • Initiation: The Unnamed Path Classes are a road toward initiation in the tradition. At the end of your study, having met all requirements, you will be eligible for initiation and adoption into the Tribe of the Unnamed Path

If you are interested in participating in the Unnamed Path apprenticeship classes, join our Unnamed Path yahoo discussion group. Class details will be announced there.

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I am the host and founder of the Unnamed Path. I have over 15 years of extensive experience in earth-based spiritual traditions including initiatory and non-initiatory paths. I'm an artist, a shaman, an energy healer, a deathwalker and a magician. Feel free to read my bio to learn more about me.